The update had stopped

I had downloaded the latest update you have issued for the Ford sync 3. It started well. But it stopped with a red screen

So please help me. What should I do

What vehicle is it in?

Ford focus 1.0 l ecoboost 2018

what region is it? and why is the screen protector still on the screen?

I’m from Egypt. Sorry I forgot to remove the screen protector

Fair enough, however that doens’t help me, i didn’t ask where you are from i asked what region is the SYNC APIM? navigation or not?

My sync Without navigation


(i have asked this 3 times now)

Moderator Notice VIN REMOVED

Sorry I sent you a picture because I can’t understand what are you asking me 100 %

I need to know what region your APIM is, is it from the EU or from NA or ROW or ANZ? where is it from

(picture removed as it contains your VIN)

How should I know that? Please help me

How should I know my car APIM

Any help? I know maybe it’s my fault… Please

Where was this car bought? Was it bought new? That would help us determine region.

According to the VIN.
Region: Europe
Region/Plant: Saarlouis Germany

Post your log file so we can see whats going on.