Thinking about 3.4.21020 and have SiriusXM in NA?

DO NOT DO IT! Save the headache. Worked fine for 2-3 days then decided to not work until I restarted my car each time it decided to not work. Take my word for it. Otherwise, if you do not have SXM, it is an overall solid build; with or without NAV.

Pretty sure you are alone here, others have it working fine

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Maybe they aren’t on my20. Others have had issues on other forums.

I am on MY20, have SiriusXM and updated to 3.4.21020 about 2 hours after it was available via CyanLabs. I listen to SiriusXM almost exclusively & haven’t had any issues. What problems or headaches are you having?

I have also updated the maps to F10, which was a bit of a challenge but only because I updated them prior to the Ci release.

FYI - This is an actual issue and has become more prevalent in the US forums. I have not seen enough info to figure what’s up with this yet. Reverting back to previous builds always restores SiriusXM.

And it’s not just MY20…

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