Tutorial: APIM Interrogator Utility

This utility will output an xml file that contains information about the APIM including the storage, asbuilt, serial number, hardware and software part numbers, as well as strategy and calibration versions. The xml file contains information on installed map and NAV_Voice files, if applicable to the APIM. The file can be opened in your browser or viewed thru the Syn3 Updater.

Using this utility will not affect the installation of software or firmware on your Sync unit, as it only collects information related to the hardware and software, nothing more. It does not collect information on location or contacts, nor does it report anything to Ford, etc. It only produces an xml file to your USB drive in the SyncMyRide directory.


  1. Please remove your VIN from the file and filename if you post the xml file on the forum.
  2. All the files needed can be found at Software Database - CyanLabs.
  3. Syn3 Updater can be used to create an Interrogator Log USB in the Tools section. The generated xml file can also be parsed thru the application. To do this via Syn3 Updater visit here https://docs.cyanlabs.net/link/19#bkmrk-new-version

Preparation and Execution

Download the appropriate file for your Sync version based on the production date and software. (Based on Ford recommendations and update packaging.)

  • For Sync 3.0 version 1.0/2.2/2.3, use file GB5T-14G386-AA. (Released 2016-05-26)
  • For Sync 3.2/3.3 all versions, use file GB5T-14G386-AB. (Released 2018-10-11)
  • For Sync 3.4.18347 to 3.4.20237, use file GB5T-14G386-AC. (Released 2020-02-19)
  • For Sync 3.4.20282 to present, use file GB5T-14G386-AD. (Released 2020-10-07)

If you have installed Sync 3.2+ (3.2, 3.3, 3.4) on an older APIM that was previously running Sync 3.0, you may find that the xml file may not populate the information properly. If the -AD file version does not work properly, use the -AC file version. A Master Reset may be required in some cases.

This installation will be run identically to an app or voice file install. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a USB drive (format as EXFAT) with a SyncMyRide folder.

  2. Copy the utility file downloaded above into the SyncMyRide folder.

  3. In the root of the USB is the autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.MSA files which you can obtain from any upgrade you previously performed.

  4. You will need to edit the autoinstall.lst file so it looks like the example below, using the filename for the file you downloaded. This is an example.

     Item1 = GB5T-14G386-AC_1587495565000.TAR.GZ
     Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-AC_1587495565000.TAR.GZ
     Options = Delay,Include,Transaction
  5. Insert USB in vehicle and wait for the installation to complete. You should see a message indicating completion.

  6. Remove the USB drive. On your computer, insert the drive and browse to the USB drive\SyncMyRide and open the xml file. Scroll to the bottom of the file to see your storage. The asbuilt info is also in the file near the top identified by the entries ‘Direct Configuration DID DE00’ thru ‘…DE06’. Be aware the data presented does not include the asbuilt checksum data for each code line.

Embedded Consumer Applications Decoding

In the xml file, locate the entries indicating ‘8060’ and 8061’ DIDValue. These code lines are hex encoded information containing the software packages installed on the APIM. To decode this information, you will need a HEX to ASCII decoder, like this:
Hex to ASCII | Hex to Text converter (rapidtables.com)

Copy the hex data from the '8060" DIDValue in the xml file and load the data to the hex converter and decode the data. The result will be a list of software packages installed on the APIM. Repeat for the ‘8061’ DIDValue.

Below is an example of the xml file. The data to copy is in bold. In this case there is no data needed from the ‘8061’ line as it is all 0.

d2p1:DID didFormat=“Packeted” didType=“Embedded Consumer Applications Part Numbers 1” didValue=“8060” responseLength=“384”>
d2p1:DID didFormat=“Packeted” didType=“Embedded Consumer Applications Part Numbers 1” didValue=“8061” responseLength=“384”>

For this example, the installed software packages are:

This data can also be viewed with the Syn3 Updater as noted above. Remember to please remove your VIN from the file and filename if you post the xml file on the forum.

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