UK Fiesta ST 3.4 19200 to 20194 question

Hi, I’m new to all of this so apologies if these questions are a bit noddy, I have tried to search for answers!

I have a 2020.75 model year Fiesta ST with 8" sync 3.4 19200 installed F8 maps, collected it saturday. I have noticed others with UK Fiesta STs getting 20194 updates installed via the sync system itself over the last few days, but mine says no update available when I check on it.

I’d like 20194 with the latest F9 maps and DAB logos.

Do I just do this via the downloader? I presume I need to pick ‘any other version’?

Will my live traffic / ford pass / auto updates work in the future if I do this update?

Will my ST startup splash screen be kept with this update or would it need to be corrected after with some other method?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can use the downloader however since you want the new maps you will need to choose the reformat option (should automatically be selected for you). This will wipe your system and reinstall 3.4.20196 with the new maps and DAB logos.

Live traffic and Ford Pass will work afterwards but you may need to remove and re-add your car to Ford Pass to get it to show up again. Auto updates should also work as the SYNC you install via the downloader is official from Ford anyways.

Your ST startup splash screen should also remain but if it does not you can easily change it back via FORScan.

Thank you, that’s very kind to reply

As of yesterday @avdonr’s post is outdated, use the new app and everything will be done for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you - I’ll give it a go later on