Uncommanded intermittent volume and station changes

Hello, I have a 2016 Expedition with Sync3 and have updated to your 3.4 build 19200. I was previously on a later version but decided to try downgrading to this one because I read that it was the most stable one available now.
About 2 months after upgrading from the stock Ford build to Cyanlabs 3.4, I started having issues with my system randomly changing the volume level, the audio source, and the radio station randomly to different stations that are presets. It wasn’t consistent in that sometimes I could drive for a long time and it didn’t happen, but other times I would have to turn off the radio because it was so uncontrollable. I thought it was unlikely but that it could be possible that the update might have caused it but I didn’t see any information in the community posts that made me think anyone else had a problem with it. I am starting to believe that maybe the clockspring is causing the problem. I’m ready to try changing it to see if it fixes the problem but I thought I would ask first if there were any problems like this that had been reported.
If you have any ideas on how to check this, I’d appreciate hearing them.
If nobody else is having that kind of problem, I will assume I have some kind of hardware issue and will start by replacing the clockspring. I already tried cleaning the volume and station changing switches in the wheel with contact cleaner.
Thanks very much,
David Messenger

I have heard of this and there are several cases documented on the Edge and Flex forums. It appears to be the Steering Column Control Module (SCCM) that either has bad connections or partially fails. All of the steering wheel switches attach thru this module via the clock spring. This is likely not related to the upgrade to 3.4. The SCCM is located inside of the steering column. I would try to clean and lube the clock spring first before replacing the module. The module will need to be programmed to your VIN if you do replace it.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll definitely try cleaning and lubing the clockspring to see if that helps. I had a problem about a year ago with uncommanded horn honking at random times while it was still under warranty. The dealer told me they found a loose screw in the steering column with the clockspring and they removed it. I didn’t have an issue for a long time after that until now it’s the volume and station controls instead of the horn.

Honestly, knowing that, I would just replace the clockspring, as it may be damaged and your problem may not really go away. Inspect it thoroughly. Glad to help.

Thanks for the input, I already have it on order. Hopefully, it will solve the problem. I’ll put up another message after I install it to say how things went. Of course, the last four times I drove it after I ordered the clock spring it didn’t have the problem…go figure.