Update from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.20136 Question regarding maps

Hi I have a Ford Mondeo 2016 Germany with the Sony Nav.
Last week I did all the updates provided by Ford and I’m now on 3.0.19205 because the Sync 3 was still on 2.xxx.
I have F9 maps and voice already and today I found your website and I am curious to try 3.4.
Do I still need to select F9 (2019) - EU maps in your tool even though it’s already updated or can I go with no maps?

The upgrade will wipe your unit clean so what is on there already is irrelevant, so yes choose F9 maps in the tool

Ah I see. Thank you very much for such a fast reply! Will do!
And how will possible updates after work if they come available?
Still whole reformatting/wiping? Just asking that because maps increase update time by alot. Also I read that some ppl downgraded just the to upgrade to a higher version.

You can use the manual function of the app to update apps (os) individually