Update from 3.0 EU with F10 maps to 3.4 EU with maps or without

Hi have a Ford Kuga 2018 with sync 3.0 EU with F10 maps installed from The Ford Sync web page the update worked well . I would like to update to 3.4 ,do i have to update with Maps as well or can i just update the system without them .

Thank you


You can’t go from 3.0 to 3.4 without reformatting the unit, that erases everything.
So no, you can’t just update Sync3 without selecting the maps as well.

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Thanks for the quick answer . Then i will do the update in the next few days .

Sure, you are welcome.

I’m setting a 3 days of inactivity autoclosure for the thread.
If you need or just want to share something after that time, you can just ask for this thread to be reopened or create a new one.

Take care.

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Just want to give a positive feed back for the update ,it is up and working fine .

Thanks for ur help and Cyanlabs for the work on helping me to do this update .

U can close the thema .

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