Update maps only

I am on software version 3.4 build 21098 and was going to update to the latest maps.
Is it ok to update maps only and will this format the drive.

If you configure the app to do just an update, then no, it will autoinstall the maps without reformating. Since it seems you are EU, the process will be loooonnnngg…

How long are we talking about and is there a better way to do it like formatting.

Think about 2 - 2.5 hours, it has multiple reboots.
By reformating, it should not be more than 60 minutes.

If your unit is not MY20 or later, reformat is recommended: it’s cleaner and faster.

Thanks for the reply.
Do I have to choose the reformat method or will the auto install do that ?, also
do you have to choose the newest software version 21098 along with maps if reformatting.

If you haven’t specified that your car is MY20 then Syn3 Updater will detect you want maps and default to reformat or downgrade if required, if you specify it’s MY20 then it will update via autoinstall.

After reformat selecting maps only will it install the latest version along with the maps.

I dont get your question: it will install whatever version you tell it to install.

If you reformat, you can’t install just maps, you install the whole thing.

Please refer to the documentation.

I am on latest version 21098 so selected to install maps only, I assume it will format and re install version 21098 along with newest maps.

No it will install only maps like the text says

So I select current version 21098 and then new version 21098 with maps in updater.

it depends if you are installing in reformat mode or autoinstall, but if you aren’t my20 you are better of to install the complete package via reformat/downgrade

Installed the F10 maps this morning and everything installed in 55 minutes, It seems like it is much quicker than previously, thanks again for the help, will be making a donation to this great site.


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