Update sticking

Can anyone help? I decided to update my sync 3.0 19205 today, I downloaded the 3.4 20237, onto the right size stick, popped in the car and all was good to start with, it started doing what it should be doing, however after about an hr the green progress bar had hardley moved if at all, fast forward another 60 minutes and it was clear it hadnt moved, At this point I had to remove the stick as it wasn’t possible to stay in the car any longer, now the sync unit wants to keep downloading, what can I do? please asy I havent messed anything up by removing the stick? but it was clear it was no longer doing anything. Was going to 3.4 to big a jump? will I need to satrt further down?
Cheers guys

Your USB drive is probably bad use a decent quality branded USB and repeat the process, ensure the application is set to the correct configuration in settings as this may have been updated after writing the last USB

Thank you, which settings are you refering to please?

Thank you, that sorted it :sweat_smile:

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