Updating from 3.4.20136 to 20196

Having trouble updating from build 20136 to 20196. I have downloaded the latest version of the updater and about half way through writing files to my USB the program quits. In the past I successfully created all I needed to go from sync 3 to 3.4.20136 using manual method but at the time I was also updating maps. I do not want to update maps nor do I need to update the Gracenotes just APP and VOICE. Could someone tell me how to create the auto install list to do this manually as I cannot get the program to function?


If the app isn’t working use the manual method https://cyanlabs.net/ford

Right I understand that I am just lost when it comes to the auto instal list and wether or not I need to downgrade first. If I don’t need to do the downgrade then what do I need for the .lst file and how do I build an auto instal list to make it work

You don’t need to downgrade. What year, vehicle, region? See your PM.

Shit yeah my bad, misread the question. i don’t support the manual method for things like this, maybe someone else can help.

EDIT: i know this sounds like i am fobbing it off, unfortunately i have to many requests and can’t sort things not directly related to the processes in place most of the time.

Got It via PM…

Thanks. Ill give that a try. I have a 2017 F350 and am NA for my region… Thanks for the help guys. appreciate it.