Updating just maps?

I am currently running Sync 3.0 on a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with original maps.

Can I use the updater to just update the maps to the newest version without reformatting or updating the Sync version?

No, we do not supply any maps that are compatible with Sync 3.0

Oh ok. So if I have read everything correctly then if I update to 3.4 then I won’t be able to get updates from Ford again right? I would have to get updates from you from then on right?

Ford left you in 3.0 with who knows “when” maps, in 2021. Updates from Ford should not really influence to make a decision.

But, all packages that are available though Syn3Updater are Ford’s, so you will be able to keep your system updated this way, not via Ford

So Ford will not be doing anymore updates for their 3.0 users?

Yeah my maps are like 2016 maps. I just bought the car used from a Ford dealer.

That is about right. To get the latest maps and apps you will need to upgrade to Sync 3.4. Just use the Syn3 Updater to update. Enter your current version.

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