Updating the map with Ford vs. Syn3 Updater

Good day,

on dad’s Ford Ecosport 2018 it has SYNC with NAV.
According to PTS, the vehicle has: SYNC3 v3.0.20204
What is actually in the vehicle - I am unable to verify now.

I originally loaded him with SYNC v3.4 xxxxx - he didn’t like the new look so I reverted it using Cynlabs as best I could, I think it’s v3.020204.

I think there are currently 19 maps.

When I enter the VIN into Ford to update it gives me the maps. When I download the maps and want to upload them to the vehicle, it says that the cathedral is not supported.

The question is:

How do I update maps with cynlabs if I want to keep SYNC v3.0.20204.

Thank you

If you updated or loaded Sync 3.4 you cannot go back to Sync 3.0. Look on the 'About Sync" screen under General Settings and find the Sync version.

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