Upgrade Experience from v2 to v3.4

I filled out the survey on google forms but wanted to share a bit more info…

Why I upgraded: I just bought a 2016 with SYnc 3 v2 Build 16074_PRODUCT and it lagged often, froze up often for ~20-30 seconds, sometimes froze up entirely requiring a restart… GPS didn’t work worth a damn (freezing, showing wrong north, just not usable at all) and phone calls were absolutely unusable…

I tried using the wifi/update now… that didn’t work. I downloaded the update from Ford using their method… that didn’t work… it wouldn’t run long enough to update.

So I hoped this method would work and was very pleased! I downloaded the v2.1.1.1 downloader and fed it my info and it worked flawlessly!

Note: I found the USB error in another thread and already have the part coming to resolve it.

Images of relevant data, versions, parts, etc:

Welcome to the forum, and thank you for the information.

Enjoy your F-150!

Loving it so far! Was frustrated by the Sync being totally unusable, but I did grab the extended warranty so I knew it was gonna be right one way or another…