Upgraded for Sync3 2.3 to 3.4

What is your SYNC Region? US

What is your current SYNC Version? 2.3 Upgraded to 3.4

Do you have Navigation? No

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?


Please describe in detail your issue below

So I have the 4.2 inch non-touchscreen and wanted to upgrade my sync, The update did upgrade it but now it thinks I have the 8 inch touchscreen and half my buttons don’t work along with not able to see half the screen. I tried to download the updated old sync from the Ford Owners site but all I get is nothing or error codes. Is there anyway to downgrade back to my old 4.2 display?

You’ll need to install the 4” version of the 3.4.21020 update. You can find this in the software database on this site. Should be “-FR” I think.

Once you download that file just AutoInstall it onto your system. If you need help with that step let me know.

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Which .TAR.GZ Im I replace as it still the 8 inch?

Well replaced the APPs pkg and changed it in the autoinstill file but now get the logo and then black screen

So reformat not working with black screen…

Download the top file in the pic below and place in the SyncMyRide folder on your USB.

Use this autoinstall.lst, placed on the root of the USB.

autoinstall.lst (156 Bytes)


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