Verified now recreating partition

program verified all the files, now it ways re-creating partition table. is has been sitting on that slide for 15+ munities now, is that normal. i tryed this before and went to re try thinking it just froze and it bricked my usb, im worried its bricking this one too .

Has it updated since you posted?

If not, I suggest recreating a new usb using the app. It won’t redownload everything.

Make sure you have no other usb devices plugged in.

i have been trying all day, always gets to this point and no further, basically 95% completed on bottom bar.
what do you mean by recreating usb? i have tryed many different usb, and many different 3.4 versions and it allways does this.
in my downloads folder is all the files but the usb drive is empty but renamed cyanlabs at this point

ok so re ran it without making a change to usb etc, it fully completed (as shown on the bottom bars) looking at my drive when i click it it says it needs to be formatted and the files are unreadable. will not open only shows errors

Try using another computer if you can.

Are you using a Windows VM on a Mac?
Or a setup similar?
Or a version of Windows other than 10?

I have had this happen when testing a few times, 1 of 2 thins usually is the issue,

  1. security software messing with the diskpart commands.
  2. Some weird usb issue that when trying the process again works fine, some times a different USB port is needed

Unfortunately i am one developer and i have been unable to consistently reproduce this issue and therefore can not determine the cause and subsequently the solution.