Warm back, cold butt

What is your SYNC Region?

NA converted to EU

What is your current SYNC Version?


Do you have Navigation?

Yes (F10 maps)

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

No error message

Please describe in detail your issue below

Car - 2016 Mustang GT Premium
When I turn on heated passenger’s seat, the back rest warms up fine but the seat starts to cool down. This started to happen after updating sync 3.4 from build 20351 to 21020.

  • Ventilation and heating on driver’s seat works good
  • Ventilation on passenger’s seat works good
  • When changing heating level, the fan speed also changes

Did anyone have a similiar issue? Any ideas why it’s happening?

Love the title of this thread :laughing:

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I hate that cold posterior thing…
You have a US imported Mustang in EU?
Do you have FORScan? If so, perform a SCME module reset. If you don’t have an SCME, perform a FCIM reset. And of course a APIM master reset.
If you don’t have FORScan, maybe just disconnect the battery for 10 minutes and reconnect.

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