When connected to smartphone v creates the clock at one hour

If my S 10 is connected to my Sync 3 via bluetooth the clock is regularly moved forward one hour after some time.

What could be the reason for this?

I just noticed that when the driver’s door is opened, the time is reset by one hour before the navigation system switches off.

Does nobody else have this problem?

I’m researching this to see if there is more occurrences…

Check your time zone settings in Sync and the phone. Somehow it seems DST/time zones aren’t handled very well in Sync3. If I ever hit reset to GPS time during DST it is off by an hour. In this case, your phone could be forcing Sync off.

i actually have my clock an hour ahead randomly, i use Android Auto though so never actually looked in to this one, if you have any ideas i can test let me know.

This is the only test I can think of:
When it is DST.
Set Sync for the proper time and time zone without DST offset.
Set phone for the same time and time zone with DST offset.

I have no idea if this is it, but it should cause the issue? When a phone is connected, the clock display (for CP at least) echoes the phone?

Or test between time zones?

Come to think or it mine does this too, sync 3 does not do summer timezone changes well in the UK and never has. I just set it manually and disable gps time.

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I have made another factory reset.
So far it looks good.
My S10 got also an update because of time zone.
If there are any more problems concerning this I will contact you again.