2012 f250 XL interior updated to a 2016 Platinum interior

Hi all! I have recently stumbled across this website looking for advice on a project of mine. I have a 2012 6.7l F250 XL that I recently started interior swapping to a 2016 Platinum interior. I swapped the wire harness to the newer gen and got the full dash in. Everything appears to turn on, the IPS functions and works, and the truck starts, but that’s where my success stopped. The head unit is able to be used, but will not control my climate system, and I have zero audio output, I believe this could be because I don’t have a DSP module, but hoping to get some confirmation on that. I am struggling to get the programming figured out, and looking to see if anyone has some insight! I do have a full license to Forscan and ability to access my OEM AS BUILT and also the AS BUILT for a Platnium 2016 if I need it.

You don’t say if you also swapped all the modules. I believe a 2016 is a CGEA 1.3 network? Do you have a GWM now with the new harness?

Yes, you need the DSP if it had one before. Totally different wiring without one.

You are correct I totally forgot to mention that haha! The IPC, APIM, and ACM are all out of the 2016. the BCM and the rest of the vehicle modules are from my 2012 still. I am not sure I understand what the GWM is. I found on the AS BUILT database here a way to tune out the way for the DSP, so I believe I’m going to try that and see if it works.

Well, the BCM is gonna be a big problem and you will need the one from the 2016. With the CGEA 1.2 network the ICAN network originates from the IPC and the HS & MSCan come out of the BCM. With the CGEA 1.3 network all network paths come from the GWM. It acts like a router basically. The communication paths are drastically different for most the modules. I am surprised the newer harness still had the same plugs to plug into the older BCM. I will have to look in Oasis when I get a chance to see what changed.

That would be awesome thank you! Also, from what I can tell on here and other websites, the 2011-2016 Superdutys run on the CGEA 1.2, its not till 2017 with the new body style that they updated to the CGEA 1.3. I believe the BCMs are the same part number, they just have different fuses installed as mine was an XL and the new interior is platinum.

Ok, I couldn’t remember if it was 16 or 17. I know they were late adopters on those. If it is a CGEA 1.2 than it will not have a GWM and would explain why it was a direct plug to the BCM.

I am guessing this could come down to AB settings.

Yeah, there were only 3 connectors that had to be spliced, and none of them were for the BCM. Today I discovered that in 2016 only, the TPMS module is in the headliner, and I had not wired that up correctly, so once I get that figured out hopefully the locks work. I can not figure out what the AB needs to look like to get the climate control working.

@F150Chief would probably know but he won’t be back for a bit.

Awesome, hopefully, he can chime in soon, In the meantime I’ll keep working at it!

@F150Chief any chance you would have an idea whats going on with this project?

Well, the audio is because you don’t have the DSP when the harness is wired that way. I think the HVAC is due to the wrong BCM. Just my thoughts on it.

F150 was supposed to be back last week.

a 2016 is a CGEA 1.3 network…

That is correct, and the 2012 F350 is a CGEA 1.2. This swap is likely not possible to get all the HVAC and audio working properly, especially without swapping out the BCM and add a new GWM, which will lead to other compatibility issues with vehicle systems. If someone told you this would work they gave you bad info…sorry.

Yea the more I think about it you would need a new IPC and FCIM-B. Both those are physically different and would require the whole dash be swapped. You would also have to swap the PCM and maybe the ECU as both talk to the BCM which will have to be swapped. You may even need to upgrade something as simple as the TPMS sensors.

Personally, I think it’s possible, but you are talking a lot of time and $$$. Maybe even a trip to Ford for programming if you can get them to go along with what you’re doing.

Please follow up if you complete it. I planned on doing this to my 15 Explorer as they added CGEA 1.3 in 2016 and I want those capabilities.

If you swap the PCM you will need to program it for the different engine and trans and will need to then swap the TCM possibly. This goes down a rabbit hole fast.

Couldn’t agree more!

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