2013 C-Max Hybrid US to EU, Sync 1.1

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also does anyone know how to get rid of this?



This indicates an invalid request or info from the IPC. This is likely due to the IPC asbuilt configuration error which the APIM is not happy with.

If you changed the asbuilt in the IPC, look to see that it is consistent with the asbuilt in the APIM as far as features, etc.


that's weird because the only thing I've changed on the IPC is RMIE and cruise control


Or either way.


Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 19.06.21.png

this is the default asbuilt data according to my vin code on the motorcraft website

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 01.41.26.png

the ipc database doesnt say what the last two numbers of 720-01-02 and 720-01-04 mean, which is the main difference between the default and my config..


set the RMIE to disabled and see if the DTC clears.

RMI Emotive (RMIE) should be enabled
RMI Entertainment (RMIE) should be disabled


I've had this error before enabling RMIE

also even if that was the main issue then i'd rather have the dtc :smiley:


OK, then it's likely not that, but you should have the 88B4 coding there.


wish i had the info about what B4 is

i did reset the values to default today

and it changed from B4 to whatever it is now


B4 is just a checksum. No value other than that. The last 2 digits at the end of each code line are checksums.


I see

so it's not a problem to have that DTC

if it was RMIE i mean i like having RMIE so

very unfortunate that i cant have a digital speedometer


720-01-02 has a different metric display unit selected which could cause this message, IF that data is being sent to the APIM. 2F60 vs 2860.


*Set Speed, Cruise Control Menu, English(E)- Metric(F) Display Unit

720-01-02: xxxx-xFxx-xxxx

About that, what's the difference between English and Metric

English i assume is mph

while metric is kmh?

i'm a km user.


This needs to be consistent with the APIM setting.


which exact apim setting?

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 01.41.39.png

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 19.07.12.png

the only change in the apim is the country code

5553 -> 4747

I will change the metric unit to english but I have yet to find out what that changes


4747=Georgia. I was thinking UK, so maybe the English setting will not be correct.


English is the default option on my car

which is a US car

so that's a bit weird but i would think it has something to do with the cruise control speed adding 2 kmh instead of 2 mph

but whatever i'll change it to english as it was

I'll change everything to default values and see if the DTC clears off.

Now for the other question


These are the changes I did for the region but my Sync 1.1 still doesn't have EU languages

I tried this on a Sync 3 system and it added EU Languages

does my apim need reprogramming?

to get for example German or Dutch


Looking thru the C-Max info I have; your IPC is likely older than some of the options for changing regions. The asbuilt goes to 720-01-04 for yours, where the later versions go to 720-02-02 and accommodate region changes. Your IPC only differentiates between English and Non-English (Spanish/French).

As far as the APIM, I know the early Sync versions did support EU languages, but I need to look that up.


Can I get 720-02-0x if I update the firmware?

but no I won't risk updating the fw

let me know what you'll figure out


To get the option you would need to upgrade the firmware in the IPC, which is not without risk. It would be easier to replace the IPC with a newer version.



I converted this to a topic so it can be saved and easier to use for this.

Take a look thru this and comment if you have any suggestions…


I think this is a software or firmware change for Sync 1.1 but I am not sure. I found nothing on a quick search, but will look again when I have more time.

Perhaps my type of Sync 1.1 has the US firmware only… I know that the changes that I did work on Focus but it hasn’t worked on the C-Max

That is what I am thinking. @Vchat20 has a C-Max and knows more about this model…

Neat. maybe Vchat can tell me about any hidden features that work & I can enable :smiling_imp:

DTC disappeared after disabling RMIE (entert.)

You’ve basically hit on most of the stuff I’ve had luck with on my '13 Energi. The only other one I’ve added, though it will not apply to yours if it is the hybrid/non-plug-in model, is the ‘Next Charge’ screen in the IPC which gives easy access to the ‘Value Charge/Charge Now’ toggles when exiting the vehicle without digging through the settings in Sync. I’ve played with some other settings but a lot of them seem to be dependent on the BCM being updated first (mostly on/off toggles for BCM controlled features like Global Open/Close, DRLs, etc…) based on previous discussions I’ve had here with @F150Chief. Given the BCM is a fairly ‘mission critical’ module, I’ve been wary of trying any calibration updates on it and have left it as-is.

As far as languages go, I can only guess but I’m with @F150Chief in that it might need a newer IPC or updated firmware. I know on my '13 there’s no options I can find other than the ones already noted here with Spanish/French which makes sense for many of these vehicles being destined for North America only.

My memory is fuzzy but I thought someone had mentioned either here or elsewhere that the Hybrid/Energi model C-Max’s somewhere in the 2013-2018 model years had been made available in a European country (albeit seemingly in tiny quantities) so maybe in one of the model years the IPC was capable? Also couldn’t hurt to research to see if any local parts sources have IPC’s for these.

As a note with the IPC and concerning updating the calibration/firmware: As already mentioned it can be a bit risky. There’s a note on the Forscan forums about it being problematic while still installed in the vehicle with the option to do so on a bench setup instead. Read up on point D in this post:


Also, assuming based on the info you’ve given you are on the small 4" non-touch version of Sync? I’ve got some useful tweaks for the 8" version but unfortunately, I’m completely unfamiliar with the 4" model.

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Thank you for your information! I think I’ll be switching to a Fusion soon so not too worried

aaaaand this came back. With some other stuff… but whatever

Check your battery.

Why could it be the battery? If the car is charged enough to recognize my key fob unlocking the car it shouldn’t be that discharged to lose communication with the modules. Hope I don’t come out rude just wondering

You either have an issue with the CANBUS in the vehicle or the battery is discharging enough to cause the vehicle to go into a sleep mode and load shedding modules, etc. Look at the DTC’s associated with each of the DTC’s and look for low voltage messages. If you find them, this is the cause. If you don’t find those, then there is a CANBUS issue in the vehicle, which could be a bad module or wiring issues.

I haven’t gotten the DTC code since so I’m assuming it was something wrong with the profile giving me all sorts of issues.
the IPC is still giving invalid data though even tho it’s almost on the stock settings, very weird.

Did you make a new profile?

Yes, it’s a new profile

ford dtc pcm u0284:00-28

Your PCM is still complaining about your battery. (as is the PDM) This is probably not related to the IPC but is related to the many U codes you posted above.

If you loaded the original asbuilts into the APIM and IPC, then there must be an incompatibility as far as the APIM swap with your vehicle. It might be just luck that you find it. Sync 3 has reduced the support for C1CMA. Maybe downgrading to Sync 3.3.19052 would help.

I have Sync 1.1, not 3. Also, the PCM is complaining about not being able to communicate with the shutter which I know is faulty since the car was crashed and that was not fixed. PDM is complaining about the mirror heating not working because it’s cracked. So it’s not the battery… but the IPC is really bugging me out but I’ll be swapping sync 1 with sync 2 soon and maybe that fixes it.