2013 f150 upgraded from sync 1 to sync 3

I just upgraded to sync 3 from sync 1. There are a few things that I can not get to work like the aftermarket backup camera, aftermarket gps ant, aftermarket sirus ant, and the climate control overlay. I have spent hours on forscan and as built sheets trying to figure this out with no luck.

Can you not get support from the unit supplier? Most that supply the units have experience in these issues.

I put together a diy kit. i got a apim from a 2016 ford mustang and i bought the harness seprate and i am currently half the cost of a complete kit

Oh i understand now.

Yeah. i do love a challenge but this to is testing me

The climate overlay will not work as the 2013 F150 is CGEA 1.2 and it is not compatible with the CGEA 1.3 systems for Sync 3, and vice versa. Sirius connects to the ACM, and I suppose that was changed also? The backup camera needs the reverse signal (control) and will need to be connected into the APIM. The GPS antenna for Sync 1 will not work, you will need a compatible Sync 3 antenna.

The harness I have have the video input and I do have it connected but all I get is a blue screen

Blue screen is the camera is connected but there is now active video. Check you ground and signal connections. Although the camera is on, it is not sending active video, or switching to active video. The blue screen is what the camera will output when not active. If this is the same camera used with Sync1, you may need to upgrade the camera.