2016 Ford Escape Titanium Sync 3 Version

I recently updated to the latest version 3.4.22110. If I would have used the Ford website and got their update what version would I have?

The reason I am asking is since I updated to the lastest version my radio station logos are not working. I have not been able to find a fix for this. I was thinking if I needed to downgrade to the version the offical ford website is showing it might start working again. Maybe I am wrong but its just a thought.

Please complete your vehicle’s information in your profile, so that we know what we are dealing with.

Also, create and run an interrogator log against the unit and post back the results. Redact your VIN if you care about that.

If your car is from 2016 I’m almost sure it was not meant to have 3.4. Mine is from 2017 and 3.0 is the latest release officially by Ford to my model, so I would think the same applies for you.

How do I do the interrogation log?

Utility Tab - CyanLabs

Not sure if you noticed, but interrogator log is a link that will guide you to the proper documentation…

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Thank you for the help. I will run the interrogator log and post it as soon as I can.

Version 5U5T-14G381-EZ
APIM Model: GB5T-14G371-CFC
APIM Type: Navigation
APIM Size: 32GB
APIM Free Space: 4.2G
8/7/2022 6:10:58 PM +00:00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 12M / 1.5G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 12M / 1.5G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 12M / 1.4G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 10M / 1.4G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 2.9M / 951M
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 8.6M / 1.3G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 14M / 1.8G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 17M / 1.7G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 6.7M / 1.4G
/fs/Nuance/ = 15M / 1.6G
/fs/Nuance/ = 10M / 1.1G
/fs/Nuance/ = 24M / 2.5G
/fs/Nuance/ = 3.1M / 465M
/fs/Nuance/grace = 5.8M / 775M
/fs/rwdata/ = 924M / 1.2G
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 35M / 35M
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 90M / 90M
/fs/mp/ = 84M / 1.4G
/fs/images/ = 4.2G / 25G

Installed Packages

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: A328650380020A13000A
DE01: 555301044002008000000000
DE02: 0000010000
DE03: 01000600000004
DE04: 18061810295F
DE05: 80
DE06: 0605330000000000FA00000430700057

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Backrev to 3.4.21265. You will need to install the 3.4.21265 Sync app file, 5U5T-14G381-EU, and the partner voice file, 5U5T-14G391-CP. Use the Syn3 Updater in autoinstall mode. You do not need to re-install amps, etc., just these 2 files. After the installation is complete, perform a master reset.

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Thank you so much. I will get this done and let you know how it went.

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Did everything you said. Sirius logos work but regular radio logos do not. Also I am now getting an navigation error.

I suppose you did a master reset after the downgrade?

Yes as soon as everything was finished.

What is the nav error, just generic?

I managed to correct the nav error but the hd radio logos are still not working.

Just an FYI in the US there are no radio logos, HD or otherwise. Sirius is the only place you’ll get logos. Majority are loaded as part of the Sync package, some are pulled down from the sat signal (usually seasonal channels are like this).

OK thanks

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