2017 F150 Lighting issues

I have a 2017 F150 Limited and I have created two lighting issues that I can not figure out how to fix. the most annoying of my two problems is that any time my power point is active my factory interior bed LED lights constantly pulse on and off. Turning my interior lights off, turning my head lights off, closing my taligate all have no effect on the issue. I have even written my factory as built data back to the BCM with both a VxLink and a VCX Nano. Nothing seems to fix the pulsing bed lights. The other issue that also is not changed by any of the things listed above is that my rear spotlight is not working. I have the pro trailer backup feature that is working but normally I can hit a button on my headlight switch that turns on a rear spotlight that makes backing my trailer at night much easier.

I am running out of ideas of things to try to fix these two issues. Can anyone shed some light on a possible fix?

For the lights pulsing you just need to choose the Module reset option for the module you messed with and they will stop. They will typically do this if you have incompatible settings from Forscan.

Thank you. I had changed all the as built data back to stock but had not thought to reset the modules. That fixed it.

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