2017 Ford Escape - lost features after update to Sync 3.4


Does anyone know how to get back the features I lost when updating to Sync 3.4 from 3.0 on my 2017 Ford Escape Ti with Nav.

Rain Sense. - feature to turn this on is there but not working.
Ambient Lighting - control is there but not working.
Lane assist - no steering wheel shake.

I can’t find how to get these features back. Any ideas? I have access to Forscan.

Thanks for any help on this.

Rain sense and lane assist have nothing to do with the apim, so your issue is elsewhere there and nothing to do with the 3.4 update.

Ambient lighting, do you mean the controls on the sync 3 screen or a standalone hardware button?

Thanks for the reply.

Ambient Lighting is adjustable via Sync screen. You can pick which colour you would like and how bright. The cup holders light up, door handle etc.

Before the 3.4 Sync upgrade everything worked.

It may just be a hex address change via Forscan, but where? I have not edited anything and can’t find any info on my issues. As a note every other feature works fine after the Sync 3.4 update. This is a loaded 2017 Ford Escape with every feature plus towing package etc.

It’d be worth doing a master reset, and consider taking the battery off your vehicle for 10 mins to force a restart of your bcm (which controls your ambient lighting) first.

Ambient lighting has two settings in asbuilt, look at my database here and search for Ambient to find them:

If it worked before the update it is likely not to be a change needed here though.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried both with no luck. Battery power disconnected and resets.

The only real thing I heard is that most newer vehicles don’t have ambient lighting anymore from my model year. This could explain why it’s been disabled but still shows up on Sync 3.4. As for the other two issues, Lane assist and Rain sense not working now?? These are still current features.

Sync does work with other modules in some way or another. When updating the firmware/software it appears not all the features transfer over is my guess.

Has anyone else lost features by updating from Sync 3.0 to 3.4? I’ll have a look at your AsBuilt and do a hard reset by cutting power from battery. I’ll report back.

Thanks for the input!

Have you checked the settings on the message center? Make sure the settings for lane keeping are set to alert or alert and aid. Alert is the shaking. If you go to the alert Intensity, click on high, but make sure you’re on normal or low. This will make the steering wheel vibrate as an example. If it shakes, and it still doesn’t work, you may have a programming problem. it doesn’t shake, then there’s something going on that the lane keeping cannot shake the steering wheel which may be a programming issue or a wiring issue.

I have Ambient Light in my 2019 Kuga (Escape) and last week officially received the 20282 update via Ford. Everything works fine, including lane assist and rain sensor.

Best regards

I did a hard reset by disconnecting the battery with no success.

I am starting to wonder if the BCM either needs a firmware update or maybe it’s corrupted some how. Not even sure it’s a BCM issue. Remember everything worked before the update to 3.4.

I still have the selection of colours to choose from on my Sync screen, but it’s not allowing me to “set” it.
Rain Sense is available on the centre console screen but doesn’t work even though I’ve activated it. Same as Lane Assist.

I am wondering if I return the vehicle to Ford and tell the service department about my problems that they may find out 3.4 is not supposed to be there and not fix my issues, maybe they are fixable with 3.4 installed. If I could I’d roll back to the factory version of 3, but was told it’s not possible now.

Any thought on what my next move should be?


What is the “center console screen”? If you mean the Sync screen, your APIM is too old for this to be functional, I believe. Can you provide a picture of what you are describing?

All of the features you appear to be having an issue with are controlled thru the BCM, but the ambient lighting is adjusted or communicated thru the APIM. If you have FORScan, connect to the vehicle and save the BCM configuration as it presently is. Once you have done that then perform a BCM reset via FORScan in the tools menu. This will cause a lot of DTC’s which will need to be cleared after an engine start cycle.

To perform the BCM reset, turn on the ignition, but do not start the engine. Reset the BCM with FORScan following any messages on the screen, then shut off the ignition. Wait 15 seconds or so, and start the vehicle with engine running. Run engine for a minute or so and turn off vehicle completely. Wait a minute or so, then connect FORScan with ignition on, engine not running. Clear DTC’s and rescan for DTC’s. There should be none. Now, start the engine and check the functionality of the features.

This is not a Sync 3.4 issue, but it is possible that you may have a corrupted APIM asbuilt. With FORScan, reload the entire APIM asbuilt for the unit and perform a master reset. Turn off vehicle completely for at least 1 minute, then restart vehicle with engine running. This will clear any corruption in the APIM.

You can download your original vehicle asbuilt for all modules here:

Download and save the file. You can print the webpage to pdf using your browser.

Have you upgraded the hardware from sync 2 to sync 3?

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I have the 2017 Escape Ti as well. I installed 282 and no issues, everything runs smooth! My ambient lighting works also… Lane assist aswell… After watching a video about rain sense, that has nothing to do witht he update… my Ti never came with that, surprised yours did? I even got the Sport package.

So it’s not the update mate, it must be something else…

I have 20282 on my 2017 Escape Titanium (nav, technology and cold weather packages) and everything works except Sirus logos.

The rain sensing and Lane departure has nothing to do with the sync interface as these are adjusted via the IPC module via your steering wheel controls. 2017 has a few Quirks with the IPC especially with remote start resetting the defaults for climate control (heated seats and steering wheel) but I would dig around there first then check the IPC module settings with forscan.

The ambient lighting would have something to do with the sync module, the warning is if you had tweaked settings with forscan on the APIM before upgrading to 3.4 and not doing the firmware calibration could cause a software mismatch and will be very difficult to resolve. If the APIM was stock settings, then I would be very confused as to why it isn’t working. The setting is in the Sync settings menu scrolling as far right as you can, it will be by itself on the last page.

For your Sirius Logos, try going to Channels>All Channels>Click the refresh button on the right side of the screen. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to ask SiriusXM to refresh your radio through their website or by calling.

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no dice on either method…might try to reinstall to the base 3.4 version but I am thinking I am hooped here…

You’re not missing much with XM radio… the sound quality is garbage(128 bits?)… Only station that was acceptable was the Howard Stern Show. I use Tidal HiFI and sounds excellent! (4 months for 4$)

I think it uses 60 kbps actually, that’s why I stopped using it.