2017 Ford F150 sync issues programming

i retro fitted a TCU to my 17 F150.
everything works, beside of sharing car hotspot.

I have access to my veichle trough ford pass app…
but on the apim i dont see the option to change my car hotspot settings…(The menu is missing)

  • i enabled the hotspot settings on the apim.
  • i did also get the login screen to enable my hotspon test period.
    Anyone that know what im missing programming?

Have you enabled this in your APIM with Forscan?

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  • i enabled the hotspot settings on the apim.

You can’t just enable your hotspot trial. You are missing a huge important piece to get it to work. You must have the donor VIN from the TCU vehicle to make it work and you can only set this up online through their website with that VIN. You cannot set the trial up via the APIM. If you have access to this than you have access to the Hotspot settings.

Thanx but you are clearly not reading any off my messages nor my initial post message…

it’s because your apim is too old need 2018+. How did you get it to sync up without crazy8baller interface?

Actually, just need to update the APIM firmware to MY18.5+ for the Hotspot menu. Also, if you use a third-party app to authenticate the TCU your account will likely be locked.

Where are the firmware update files? All i see is what files to use but no downloads anywhere.

That’s because they are not distributed like the software, and for good reason.

See your PM…