2018-2022 4inch apim convert to 8inch wit NAVI

So I am already did that. But still I need some information about Eu type of APIM. Anyone have pictures of smaller board both side pictures (EU module with 64GB)? And if you think is possible covert from 4" to 8" w/o NAV - answer" yes, very easy you need only use cyanlabs updater. But if you want add NAV into that board you also need add lot of components and remove some of course additionaly need change some firmware. But its possible. I think same with 8" w/o NAV converting into NAV version. So if anyone courios about converted APIM is : KR3t-14g370-clb or LR3t-14g370-bbg or LR3t-14g370-bll (i have 3 of them one was 8" without NAV other two was 4" without NAV). Right now I almost convert it into USA type APIM with navi (32GB with EU maps). Next step is convert that apim into full EU with 64GB but i don’t know all diferences betwean EU and USA type of APIM’s. I know only usa type have sirius, 32gb and EU have dab, 64gb.

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.0000

New SYNC Version: 3.4.2211

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
not at all

Update Method: Official Ford

I’m not really sure if you have a question here? if so can you ellaborate

My question was Anyone have pictures of APIM (EU version) smaller board (part. no.: M3J4118740D) from both sides? I need that to compare nonav apim board with EU nav version board. I want to know EU version board looks same as USA version or not.

If it’s from the same generation of APIM it will be the same, NA is 32GB for NAV and EU is 64GB for Nav

I might have that part number at home with my couple of APIM’s but i’m not 100% sure, i will look after work if i can find it.

I’ am not sure about that too so I am asking that. EXP.: older EU and USA apim generation had some differences in some resistors arrangment (also emmc size was different). So i thinking maybe on newer generations apim also have different ressistor arrangment too. That is reason why I am asking if someone can help me with that. But seems chances to get this specific information is very low… And as every time need figuring out by my self.

But the daughter board is just a small board with eMMC chips, it’s not region specific as far as i know…

Can’t find it

here starting to create full tutorial how to remake 4" or 8" no/nav to 8" nav version. So first page create resistor arrangement table maybe you understant google sheet link (creating)

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I’m confused though, a Non Nav can be converted to Nav just by installing new maps, or replacing the daughter board, are you trying to rebuild the entire daughter board? seems like a lot of effort since daughter boards can be bought cheaply from old units or aliexpress etc.

Ok try to buy daughter board exmp.: for 2020 y. car (I can’t found any). Aliexpress gave me only one 2016y. 8gb with price tag of ~ 140Eur I say not so cheap…(at least for me) So let’s say you have 8" nonNav apim (to 4" apim additionaly you need buy 8" screen only) and you living in Europe. If you try install maps simply not enought 16Gb emmc space. If you change it into 32gb or 64gb and after that you install EU maps you get “lagging screen” (for full maps (64GBonly) lack of RAM symthoms) . And after all if you are lucky you get black screen if apim version is very new version (how I understanding- new versions not working with downgrading and reformating). And Yes I already did that (successfully did that with 3 apim’s) of course that was not very hard for me I am electronic hobyyst :D. So I thinking maybe someone want to do same think and for that reason I try figuring out everything about sync3 eu version and create full tutorial about that

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SYNC 3 remake spredsheet Almost complete ( still I need found some information but mostly done) Now last thing left upload over 120gb of emmc data. And if someone found some interesting info please let me know. Thanks.

Already upload emmc data ~256Gb: 8gb 16y., 8gb 17y., 16gb 18y, 32gb EU map18y., 3x 32gb USA map, and 64Gb EU map 20y.

Seems no one shows interest about this research so I decided to discontinue it.

This is already done a few years back on FFClub.ru.

you are wrong there was only tutorial how to swamp dougter boards only. I not found any tutorial where you get full electronic component list and etc. This tutorial is how to remake dougter board itself. And you not even watch what inside on this spreedsheet.(I should give premmision who want watch it)

That is how it is done. All you need to do is swap to the larger ram package and load the nav. There is no other requirements.

That is different. I am talking about EU version of APIM not about NA. So in this time you can’t buy doughter board to 2020 apim with 64GB of emmc space and if you find it it will cost near to all apim price. Yes it is possible if you have 32GB NA version convert it into 64GB (enough swap only emmc) but if you have 16GB no matter NA or EU version apim additionally you should add gyroscope, accelerometer, 2x 4Gb ram and etc. (all differences between 4" and 8"nonav is screen size and apim firmware all hardware is the same). And overall I’ am talking about- how to remake your "empty board into full Nav version ". I don’t know how to explain if you are not familiar with do by yourself from scratch. Maybe in you country everyone can allow to them self afford new apim. I create this tutorial for those who want do it by them selfes and I’am not talking about “swap boards” and “Done” but about more complicated method: which one required skills and knowledges. Or better to say more skills less money :smiley:

I understand where you are going with this about building the mod yourself. However, the nav daughterboard from a MY18.5+ will work in the 2020 APIM, so there are more options available than just the 2020 model year. Actually, if you are retrofitting a Sync 3 APIM to a 2013 vehicle, a J series APIM would be a better choice for compatibility and will still allow the upgrades to the present firmware and software. But I do understand the cost issues. Good luck with the mod.

Main boards of APIM MY18.5+ is the same no matter 2019 or 2022 or it is 4" or 8" with Nav (talking about hardware) so all differences is on daughter board and on firmware (and software also if we talk about emmc). And I not see any other differences between apim series like you say exmp. “J”. and this mod already done. :smiley: Right now I need vehicle where I can test it properly (I have no gyroscope calibration message in secret sync menu window).

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