2018 Mondeo BCM Update


I would like to perform BCM from HU5T-14C184-AAN to HU5T-14C184-AAR. Is there anything that I need to consider? Will the keys be lost? I use UCDS Wizard.


I’m not saying not to do this, but evaluate what it is you expect to accomplish with the update. Most of the module updates are just the addition of feature sets for newer vehicles as they come out. Unless there is some kind of bug fix for the BCM you will likely not gain any additional functionality. There are several files that usually need to be updated together for the BCM’s, so make sure that you do this. Other than loading the files, there should be no other actions needed for the update, just follow the UCDS prompts. Make sure that the vehicle does not shut down during the update, other than the UCDS procedures.

Hi F150Chief

Thank you very much for your answer. Since there are four versions between AAN and AAR, I was hoping for some improvements.