2019 APIM/ACM in 18 Fusion


I’ve installed a 2019 APIM and ACM combo in my 18 Fusion and I’m having various issues that all go away when i put the factory equipment back in.

-SiriusXM doesnt work, i dont see my radio ID under the settings and the ACM is throwing a code in Forscan for “Satellite Antenna Open Circuit”. If i put the old ACM back in and change the X40 bit in Forscan the old ACM works with the new APIM. X40 is the main reason i did this though

-Various climate control features dont work (the most obvious being my heated seats this morning) and there are a few codes for “open circuit” in the FCIM

-GPS doesnt work, and the APIM is throwing “GPS Antenna Open Circuit”

-The IPC does not show radio info from HD Radio, just the frequency and whether or not HD is active.

When i take all this out and throw the old equipment in everything works OK. Ive tried various things in the old “2020 ACM/APIM compatibility” thread with no luck.

Any thoughts or should i just give up on my little project? Im only $250 into this so it wouldnt be the end of the world but another thing i noticed is the audio stuttering i used to have with carplay is gone and id like to keep that benefit as well.

Ive attached a screenshot of all the codes I’m getting below.

Managed to fix the FCIM codes apparently I didn’t have the connector all the way in :grimacing:

Still have the other things though

Please post your APIM and ACM asbuilts for both the old and new equipment.

You are aware that when you connect with FORScan to the vehicle with the new modules in place you need to make a new profile for the vehicle?

Yes, I did make a new profile in Forscan for it. I’ll grab what’s in the asbuilts currently a bit later but these are the factory ones:

And this is what I have right now

Tore my dash apart again today, and with the help of another forum post here I found two wires missing on my APIM and ACM connector.

On the post I had found, people suggested adding the cables and using the pins from two that are no longer used. Problem is my car doesn’t have the unused pins. I called the parts department at the ford dealer and they were useless; Motorcraft advertises pinning kits but they had no idea, and I don’t know exactly which pin kit I need (and the price makes experimenting not realistic). They were more than happy to offer to sell me a $200 pigtail though :exploding_head:

I picked up a “universal Ford connector repair kit” at Autozone and while it does have the ACM pins, it doesn’t have one small enough for the APIM. I also, unfortunately, don’t have any pull your own yards around here; they’re all afraid of insurance.

Does anyone have a part number I can just call the dealer and ask for? This is the Motorcraft document that I mentioned, with the “terminal service kits” and the Ford website says my dealer has all of them in stock.


Success! Bought access to OASIS for three days, found the part number and installed the extra pins. Adjusted the asbuilt on the APIM and SiriusXM is working!

Still need to do a bit more tweaking (nav is still fubared) but it’s definitely progress!