2021 F-150 As Built Spreadsheets

The following information is F-150 centric but will also apply to other vehicles in the near future as Sync 4 and FNV 2.0 roll out across the Ford/Lincoln model lineup.

Livinitup at F150Forum has started publishing some 14th Generation F-150 spreadsheets:


Notes: Don’t use any of the BCM info if you have a 2015-20 (different addresses than 2015-20s) but I suspect there will be some useful information in other modules (once finished) that may work on 2018-20’s.
The '20 Super Duty BCM is using the same format but the '21 F150 BCM has some additional addresses.

FORScan: Currently only the BCM and one of the three versions of the IPC can be programmed with the newest version of FORScan 2.3.38.

Another item of note is that the 2021 models of the F-150 and the Mustang Mach-E use the Ford FNV 2.0 architecture now. Here is an article about it:

Ford’s New FNV Electrical Architecture Will Make Things Tougher For Tuners

New Ford Electrical Vehicle Architecture Will Be Named FNV