2022 Explorer ST 10.1" to Aviator 10.1"?

I’ve seen several people “downgrading” their terrible portrait 10.1" display to the smaller 8" display in the Explorer because it will allow you to use the whole screen. I was thinking of doing the same thing, but wanted to use the Lincoln Aviator 10.1" that’s horizontally mounted instead of the Explorer screen. Should this be possible? I want to make sure I still have access to the 360 cameras/massage seats/etc. Would I need to replace the APIM in this scenario? I know going from 10.1" portrait to 8" just requires a setting change, but I’m not sure if it would display horizontally on the 10.1" or if there would be resolution issues. Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance!

If these are both Sync 4 systems, then the screen swap is possible by making the screen adjustment in the APIM asbuilt for the new screen. This would be for the 8 and 10" screens.