3.4.23188 asking for auto-updates on each start

I upgraded to this latest version(3.4.23188) from last year(when it was released). Everything seemed to work well. Lately, Sync is asking if I want to do automatic updates and sync diagnostics every time I start my 2019 F150. I tried a master reset but it still asks. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve moved your message since it was misplaced in my opinion.

Create and run an interrogator log against the unit, provide the output .XML once you got it.

This issue only happened in 23188, that is why I posted in the other thread(…23188 Feedback and Issues). I will run a log and post. Thanks

Yeah, no problem, it’s just my opinion, it’s not that you did something wrong.

I think there could be something else at play and didn’t want to keep bumping the general feedback thread while troubleshooting the issue.

Hopefully the log will tell us a few things.

This happened to me recently for the first time.
I just disabled the green options for auto updates and sync diagnostic options on the right hand sides and so far the message has not returned upon restarts.

Yep. If you are using CyanLabs updates it is best to turn off those options, otherwise the vehicle and Ford updates database does not agree and will bug you to update your vehicle to the production released version for your vehicle, which is usually behind.

Exactly and if you do a master reset for some reason often that will revert the system to wifi updates again so you need to check that it it is disabled.

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