3g modem -> 4g modem

Hello, So I have read the other threads and I am a little confused about what exactly I need to replace my current TCU. I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ reserve 2.0L. Something weird about my TCU was that it starts with a G. I’ve seen the posts about the H, L, and K, but a very brief mention of the G from @F150Chief . The Part # is: (GP5T-14G087-DD)

What should I buy to replace it with? Do I need to update it?

Thanks a ton guys!

Don’t replace it with anything higher than a “J” version. You can use a K version, but you may have to downgrade the Calibration to get it to work. The L and up use the HS4 network which you do not have. Some K versions are on this also.

Hey, thanks for the response. Im basically a noob at this whole thing with 0 experience. I just want to have my car work with my phone without paying the 1,200 dollar quote I got from the dealership to do this. Anyway, so its best to get the J version? Will I have to do any updating with? Should I buy that 10 dollar 4g antenna from amazon? Would I have to do any kind of updating with forscan?

Thanks a ton again!

You should not need a new antenna unless you get a TCU that has a hotspot and you want to use that. If you do make sure to get the VIN for the TCU or you won’t be able to use the hotspot feature.

You will need Forscan to change the settings in the new TCU.

Ford was offering an upgrade with free labor if you bought the upgraded modem. I did this on my Fusion plug in. Not sure what Lincolns this applied to.

You don’t need an additional antenna for the hotspot unless you want the dual receive diversity for the 4G.

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