5 star feedback! A massive thanks to Cyanlabs

I just want to say thankyou for all your work into putting this site together and for making this process so simple. This has literally transformed the look of the car and appears more intuitive and snappy to touch. I’m amazed that this is a free service that you offer so like many others will be making a donation as a thankyou. :+1:

Now this is for anyone who is unsure of if they should use this site or has worries about what to do…
I have to be honest I was nervous about doing the update, nobody wants to knacker their car and words like “Reformat” and “Brick” make me twitch a little so I spent a few nights reading the forums and feedback section to decide which version of Sync update to choose to prevent the screen flicker, loss of GPS etc (Focus 3.5 ST Line) so decided to bite the bullet and get the process going with build 19101, this way I would still have an auto dim toggle if the screen flicker appeared.
The whole process of creating the USB is simple, the application does it all for you… Literally all you have to do to create the update is to make sure that the info that it asks for is correct (current Sync version, region and if you have maps).
Once in the car I started the ignition, waited for Sync to boot up, inserted the USB and went for a drive… This where the magic happens, any feelings of nervousness about this process went away because you have a constant update on screen of what is happening with a status bar and a timer in the corner which is great. Whilst doing my research on all this I had noted that 3.4 with Euro maps took one user 47 minutes so I had a rough idea of what to expect. Anyway, exactly 48 minutes later the screen asked me to remove the USB and told me that the update was successful. Good times! It rebooted itself, I then performed a master reset to remove any possible glitches or artifacts left behind during the update and played around with my cool new looking screen.

Update 19101 was great but I all of a sudden had a “Climate Control” button appear on screen which was strange since I have manual controls only. I had learned from reading the forums that this was a harmless bug in early versions of 3.4 so this wasn’t an issue, the important thing here is that I had no screen flicker so I knew that I didn’t need the auto dim toggle and could update further so when I arrived home i set about what I consider to be the important update which is the one that I will keep for a while.
Again, research! I chose update 21194 because of the feedback from Focus owners… It is amazing, I now have radio logos, it’s instantly responsive and the climate control button bug has disappeared, which I knew it would from the feedback sections when reading up on each update.

I hope that this helps if you’re unsure of what to do or whether to do it.
Honestly folks, do your research first. All the information is already there for you, just take a few hours reading up on what to do… If you do this you can’t go wrong. :grin:

And to Cyanlabs, thanks again!