A surprising picture


You may be wondering right now what’s with the title, right?.
Well, take a look at this picture.

Pretty straight forward, right?.
Just a cylinder on white and grey squares, 2 of those squares are labeled with an A and a B.

What’s surprising about this?.
Well, what’s surprising is the fact that both A and B squares are exactly the same color.

I told you, it was a surprising image.
I’m sure that if you didn’t see this picture before, you are quite surprised right now.

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There was a website to go to to rotate or change the image to see that…but I can’t find it.

BTW, you get a billion votes.

Hahaha, yeah… The first time I saw the image it was a bit hard to believe, because I mean, we are actually seeing those are 2 different colors…

Once I researched why we see what we see, it makes sense.

Bottom line is we can’t trust what we see.

To see the “true” color of the squares, paint is enough. Just select it and move them side by side…
Or, use a color picking tool in any image editor and the color code will be the same.

There is another one that’s quite good:

Is she rotating to the left?, to the right?, both sides?.

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Your brain is going to tell tou she is rotating clockwise because of conditioning watching dances where the leg follows the rotation of the body. If someone say this that had no experience with that, they would see a different perspective.

None, she is not a she and is actually a alien :laughing: