A11 map downloads? (SYNC2)


I have Sync 3 myself but my brother is back in the dark ages of Sync 2, When I upgraded to Sync 3 in my truck I just gave him my old SD card(A10) that I was able to DL from TPB. But I have not seen anywhere that has the A11 maps for DL. I assume it uses the same SD card serial number for verification (which I was able to get with an old android app) So Im not sure if it just that no one has taken the time to rip and or post it anywhere. (I know you can get knock offs on Ebay etc) But was just looking for a link to the files. (If this is in the wrong place or should be posted on these boards I do apologise)

On a side note I do love the app packaging. Really helped in my last update (wish i knew about it when I was doing the conversion) :slight_smile:


The latest maps for Sync 2 is A11. These are available at the dealer for about $150 or on eBay and Amazon for about $30. I have not seen these for download, and they would not be on this site.


Afraid we cant help here as the maps for sync 2 can only be legitimately obtained from ford directly. No links or advice will be provided.


Beat me to it. For legal reasons this thread will be closed.