ACM and aftermarket amplifier

Need advice! Installed an aftermarket amplifier, high output from ACM to speakers in the doors. The speakers in the shelf were connected through a standard amplifier. When connected to a new amplifier, the speakers in the shelves do not work. How can I change the configuration to get the same high level for these outputs? THANK YOU!

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Year, model, trim ?
All of the above maters as not everything runs from the ACM directly to the speakers depending on the above.

Lincoln mkz 2015 hybrid (without revel TNX system).

The outputs from the ACM (subwoofer) are most likely linear, but I need to program them to high

Go take a look at
There are write ups on how to do this and what has to be changed.

According to me Probably the new amp is wired using speaker position inputs; This reuses the plant amps signal which might be weak.
I Recommend switching to line position inputs with a Line Affair Motor for better control over shelf speaker affair.

My non-standard processor - the amplifier works fine from a high level that comes out of ACM. But the signal to the rear speakers from ACM goes first to the standard amplifier and most likely it is linear, so the new amplifier does not see the signal.

The other issue you have is that sound is routed via the DACMC which controls the active noise control in the Hybrid.
2017MY+ the DACMC is part of the ACM unlike the 2013-2016 where it was an external module.

While this is not a problem, all 9 speakers are playing from ACM. Only 2 speakers in the shelf don’t want to do it.

You’re going to have to get between the DSP and the speakers.