ACM As-Built Database

Similar to the very useful APIM As-Built database that is available on this site, does anyone know of a similar compilation of As-Built information for the Ford ACM units ??
n particular I am interested in configuring my ACM to output a flat line level signal on all 4 output channels (without any DSP or frequency manipulation) so I can feed them into an aftermarket audio system.
I have head that this is possible.

I haven’t done one for ACMs as they are non standard across different models, I’d advise researching it by googling your particular model

Here’s some reading: Variable Line Level Preamp Outputs From ACM (Factory Radio) For Amplifier Upgrades

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The above is a great thread by DanMc85…

Yes, I think all or most ACM Modules will do this. It is only stereo, 2 channel.
The values you are looking for are either 5 or 7 depending on your application.
727-01-01 xx*x xxxx xxxx
Front/Rear Satellite Speakers (Internal Amp, External Variable, Fixed Line Level, Not Used, Reserved)
Int Amp=Default, External Variable=4 Volts (Vref1), Fixed L/L=aka Smart Amp
0=Front: Int Amp & Rear: Int Amp
1=Front: Int Amp & Rear: External Variable
2=Front: Int Amp & Rear: Fixed Line Level
3=Front: Int Amp & Rear: not used
4=Front: External Variable & Rear: Int Amp
5=Front: External Variable & Rear: External Variable
6=Front: External Variable & Rear: Fixed Line Level
7=Front: External Variable & Rear: not used
8=Front: Fixed Line Level & Rear: Int Amp
9=Front: Fixed Line Level & Rear: External Variable
A=Front: Fixed Line Level & Rear: Fixed Line Level
B=Front: Fixed Line Level & Rear: not used
C=Front: reserved & Rear: Int Amp
D=Front: reserved & Rear: External Variable
E=Front: reserved & Rear: Fixed Line Level
F=Front: reserved & Rear: not used

Make sure that the EQ selection is set to ‘0’, or the rear speakers will be rolled off on the high end and a low cut applied also. No one really uses the rear connection, as most systems will accept stereo and then divide that in the aftermarket system. The frequency response from the ACM is surprising good. Here is the values for the EQ setting:
727-01-02 x*xx xx
0=EQ Selection #0 (Flat EQ)
1=EQ Selection #1
2=EQ Selection #2
3=EQ Selection #3
4=EQ Selection #4
5=EQ Selection #5
6=EQ Selection #6
7=EQ Selection #7
8=EQ Selection #8
9=EQ Selection #9

I don’t know if anyone has documented the EQ selections, because no one uses them…

Here is the ACM Database. Use the 2015-2017 tab. This will be close, as it is mapped out for F-150.

ACM As Built Database.xlsx (114.0 KB)

OK - this is fantastic - I will check these values out against my existing ACM As-Built and experiment. Currently my ACM feeds a JL Audio FiX-86 which basically regenerates a clean, flat line level signal out of the factory ACM, but if I can take this unit out of the aftermarket side of my system entirely it will reduce the number of “boxes” and thereby reduce overall complexity.

You will not need the JL Audio unit once you change to line level out of the ACM. It will supply the amps a much cleaner signal.

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Worth noting on the Focus (UK Atleast) you can’t set line level or make basically any change to the ACM config

Well that’s interesting - will do some experimenting and report back! My car is a 2013 NA build, but has the SYNC3 APIM and “Sony” ACM from a 2018 Focus

Just to report - I was able to make as-build config changes to the “Sony” ACM (from 2018 Focus NA) to set both front and rear speaker output to line level variable and also to set the Eq curve to flat (0). Thank you to all who helped and especially for supplying the as-built worksheet databases!

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Just a quick follow up here - I have now changed the ACM config to output variable line level on the front L/R only, with the Rear L/R output set to Unused. The front L/R outputs feed directly to my aftermarket audio system (all JL Audio hardware). To coordinate with this, I have also changed the APIM settings to not show the F/R fader in the sound menu.
Incidentally, I have also found that (in this line level ACM configuration) the JLA aftermarket system turns on and off reliably using the DC Voltage offset setting option - this could be useful to others installing aftermarket systems, as we know that the voltage trigger wiring coming out of the Ford ACMs is not a full 12V (more like 6V) and that is usually not enough to reliably trigger aftermarket systems.

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Nice work. Thanks for reporting back with the info, it is appreciated.

BTW - Someone used to make a relay trigger for the 6V vs 12V turn on leads. Many of the manufacturers have no gone that way and included sensing down to 5v for the turn on circuits. I know JL and Rockford both do this.

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Just wanted to add a little to this - via the software of my JL Audio FiX-86 device (which is to this point still in my system), I am able to compare the input (from ACM) and output (after processing by the FiX-86) and I can confirm that the ACM line level outputs into the JL Audio device are almost dead nuts flat from 25Hz to 20Khz. Further, both channels are identical and the system is totally noise free (at least to my old ears).
This is after setting the ACM to output variable line level with no processing/EQ of course. I suppose I could set the ACM to each of the other EQ options and calibrate the JL unit again just to see what the input frequency response curves look like, but that would mean work… :thinking:
This is excellent audio performance I think, especially considering that it is being measured at the back of the car on the far end of an aftermarket multi conductor wire loom that runs from the ACM to the trunk.

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:grinning: Yep…

I have the sony system in my fusion, and want to enable a flat line out for just a sub hookup. I currently have the Audio Control lc2i tapped into my rear deck speakers and feeding my sub amp but I feel like it still isn’t quite right…anytime I attempted changed to my ACM config (such as disabling EQ or enable flat line out) it made all my audio very quiet like all factory amplification was disabled…I still want to use the integrated sony amp for the rest of the speakers, and would still like to use the on screen bass, treble, and mid adjustments, but just want to send a flat signal to the rear most channel…IF that is possible, how do I do it? I have a lot of forscan knowledge and experience, and I just can’t quite figure this one out.