ACM in Ecosport 2019

Hi. J have Ecosport 2019 with ACM p/n: J2BT-19C107-HS.
Car was imported from USA to Poland. J have a problem with conversion radio frequances to EU region.
Normal it is 727-04-01 xXxx-xxxx-xxxx when j changed 0 to 3.
Now when j try change it j get “incompatible configuration”.
My AsBuild configuration is:
727-04-01 0000 0101 0035
727-04-02 0000 0000 0034
Is it some new ACM and new configuration?

You will likely need to replace the ACM with an EU version.

Is it some special ACM? j didn’t troubles with change Region in another Ecosports from 2018/19 to this time.

I got a 2019 USA imported Lincoln Continental with Chinese ACM , and I live in UK, both FM and AM are now in EU Frequencies.

Remember to change the country code in APIM, IPC and ACM
APIM 7D0-02-01 0000 **** ****
IPC 720-04-02 0000 ****
ACM 727-04-01 **** **00 00 **

Cyanlabs warn you that changing country code is risky but
it has worked for me.