ACM Programming for Subwoofer

Hey all, I’m not sure if this is even possible but I’m looking to add a mono amp and subwoofer to a standard, non-sony stereo. I’ve read about tapping into front speaker signals but would ideally like to configure the APIM to send a variable line level in addition to maintaining the speaker outputs to the doors. I know it’s possible to reprogram to all line level but is it possible to accomplish what I’m looking to do?

BTW I have a '13 C-Max with ‘17 Escape APIM and 8’ touchscreen.

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thanks all!

Should be doable. These ACMs do have a dedicated sub output that can be enabled but on the C-Max it won’t be pinned so you’ll need to add that.

ACM (2013-2014) Database - CyanLabs - Check out the Aux 1/2 configurations.

The 2gfusions forums have a good thread with useful info applicable here: - Namely the sub output pins should be 4 and 17 on C240B. Pin 18 on C240B can be used as a turn on signal but these are 6V and you’ll likely need a converter if your amp can’t handle it. It’s noted in that thread that C240A Pin 7 also works, but this already goes to the OEM amp/DACM-C.

Additionally I have found from experimenting and reading up on some other forums that these outputs are balanced so you’ll need an amp that can handle that. Seems many good brand name ones do but may be worth verifying.

I’ve been toying with this as well in my '13 C-Max in my free time. Nothing really conclusive yet so all that I’ve posted here is theoretical but I see no reason why this shouldn’t work.

One thing to keep in mind if you aren’t already aware is you’ll likely need to disable the ANC function in the C-Max if changing up the audio system. Any changes off OEM can introduce feedback into the system and cause loud droning from the speakers when the ICE is running. Disabling it is pretty easy though. One connector accessible right under the glove compartment: How to: Quick and easy (reversible) ANC delete - Electrical, Gauges, Instruments, Lighting, Rear View Mirror - Ford C-MAX Hybrid Forum

Awesome, thank you for this info! I’m waiting to pop open the dash again until I get an idea for what I’m trying to do. In forscan I’ve disabled “engine noise” which I think in turn disabled the ANC. But I could be wrong. I’ve also flattened the eq when I upgraded the front door speakers.

If I turn the aux outputs on and set then to sub mono, would they still be balanced or is it like a low level speaker+&-? My old ass amp probably won’t accept it in the rca ports but it did accept speaker inputs.

Here’s another forum thread that had a lot of useful info on the whole balanced/low level/high level stuff and is where I’ve gotten most of my info from so far:

TL;DR: When setting the Aux 1 to a mono sub output, it’s still considered a ‘high level’ balanced output but at a low voltage (4v Vref per for AsBuilt docs here).

Beyond that info that I’ve found and posted here, that’s about the limit of my knowledge on the subject. My car audio knowledge is pretty limited. Right now I’m just doing some hackery with some home audio equipment I had lying around to see if I can get any kind of output. Eventually if things pan out I’d like to look into one of these units just to round out the bass a bit in a compact package (My C-Max is the Energi model so limited available space in the back and I regularly haul stuff). I’ve got the Sony system in mine and the stock audio is good enough for my ears, just needs a little bit more low end.

Awesome, I think I may just tap into the rear door speakers at the B-Pillars and use the rear fuse panel for remote.

I was surprised the difference in low end after disabling the factor EQ in forscan. But I’m always looking for a little more.

I appreciate the help, any other ideas, let me know.

Worth noting that UK focus’ don’t have the ability to change ACM configuration not sure on other regions