ACM replacement to enable DAB, U2101 -2F Issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently replaced my ACM module to enable DAB reception since my original ACM was without DAB.

Original ACM was JT76-18C815-KC on my Ford Tourneo Courier 2019, replacement ACM PN is AMT5-18C815-XN from a C-Max.

After enabling DAB in APIM with forscan everything works perfect, no issue at all with any functionality, but I have the DTC “U2101 -2F Control Module Configuration Incompatible” that i would like to solve.
Also ACM in this state cannot be read or write, it fails the service procedure start in Forscan.

Replacement ACM has also the audio CD player while the original was without CD, I’ve enabled it in APIM configuration (and it works!) thinking it was that feature, but the DTC is still there.
I found stations in new ACM memory from UK, so I just suspect the ACM was from a UK car, while mine is Italian and APIM country code is set to Italian. Maybe this could be the issue? I’m quite afraid to change country code in APIM since this could generate more errors in other modules…
Any other setting that could be different in APIM basing on your experience?

Any clue on how to proceed to debug the error?

Many thanks for your help, Mauro

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