ACM w display (not Sync3, for Fiesta, Puma and etc) SW - Main2

What is your SYNC Region? EU

What is your current SYNC Version? 20351

Do you have Navigation? Yes

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? No

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below

Please describe in detail your issue below

Does someone know what this on the russian ford club is ? ACM w display (not Sync3, for Fiesta, Puma and etc)

SW - Main2

This is SYNC 2.5. It’s a very basic system that appears to be integrated into the ACM. Only useful functions are audio control and phone calls. Some units allow for CarPlay/Android Auto.

Thanks for the answer… I hopet it was for the new display in fiesta MY20… hope soon there will be good news so i can make a reformat tool without destroy the sync3 unit

You can update your system via AutoInstall. Why would you want to reformat if you’re already on 3.4?

Becase there is a problem, and i think it need a clear install… i have try master reste and disconnect the battery, and reinstall with autoinstall. But on the little screen where i can chose compas and the navigation show what the street is call always show a white box when it points at east. Ford has look at it and they dont know what it is. They have install all updates for the car

Could you take a pic and post it?

The white squar is where the compas will point at east… all other directions is showing fine

Honestly this might just be an IPC issue rather than an APIM issue. If all other directions work besides east that leads me to believe it’s getting directional info from the APIM just fine.

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How can i fix this ? I have FORScan :slight_smile:
Ford made a full update last time on IPC with 43000 files… Toke almost 2 hours, but this didt help

Since the compass don’t look like a animated compass but looks like ever time it change direction it a new picture its showing… so i guess that the east picture of the compass is missing. and that’s why i think maybe that a reformat will correct it.

The APIM doesn’t push any graphics to the IPC as far as I know, just instructions/data. I could be wrong but if Ford already re-flashed your IPC then you can try asking them to re-flash your APIM as well as they have the tools (provided they even know how to do that).

If it’s still under warranty then technically they are obligated to fix the issue for you (depending on region).

They don’t know what the problem is… And I’m a fred of if they figure out that I have updated my apim to 20351 they say there is no more warranty on the unit then.

@avdonr is correct, this is an issue with the IPC, not your ACM/APIM. It is obvious that the east direction of the compass heading is an issue, which is handled by the firmware, not software, of the IPC. This issue occurs in other Ford vehicles with the Sync 2.5 and small display in the IPC, like the F-150’s for one. The fix for this is the dealer will usually replace the IPC.

Since your vehicle is under warranty, you should insist that the dealer fix it and get the local Ford representative involved. You should call the Ford Customer Service and register this issue with them also.

As for Sync 3.4.20351, just roll back to the original installed version that came from the factory if you think this will be a concern. This will be a simple autoinstall back to that version.

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mine sync is a 3.4 in a MY20 Ford Fiesta Vignale with navi EU, and not a Sync 2.5

Sorry, mixed you with another issue here. Still, the IPC is is issue, not the APIM.

Is that something ford is know about this problem ? becase ford here in my town say they dont know what the issue is

Since your vehicle is under warranty, you should insist that the dealer fix it and get the local Ford representative involved. The techs working at your local dealer only know what they know and have lots of cars to do. If they let a car go out the door knowing they can’t fix the problem, they should have already elevated this to Ford Support and should be waiting on a resolution. If that is not the case, get a new dealer.

You should call Ford Customer Service and register this issue with them.

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