Adaptive Headlights on a '23 Maverick?

Going through Livnitup 2023 spread sheet under “IPC 720” there is a setting for Adaptive head lamps Control & Adaptive Head Lamps Traffic. Does these actually have adaptive headlights?

If this is a US vehicle and it is currently disabled you do not have the necessary hardware.
Adaptive headlamp assemblies have additional servo motors internally that are not present in the standard assembly.

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Thank you.

You know if Canada or Mexico require Adaptive headlights?

To the best of my knowledge no.
If they did the lower Ford trims would require them and most of those still use halogen.

The 2023 Maverick Spec sheets and sales brochures do not specify Adaptive Headlights as an option or standard equipment.

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place holder for future implementation?

Probably not. Ford and others have discontented many of their vehicles based on supply issues and customer feedback about feature usage. They are already dropping Lane Keeping Assist due to customers saying they never use it and don’t like it.

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