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I have a 2019 mustang GT, built for the French market. I would like to add the Fordpass Connect features to it. I have seen all the posts on the subject, but the input data given are mainly for the f150 (are they the same cables and antenna?). So, I still need some information before I get started. Indeed, I would need to know the location planned for the TCU and the GSM antenna (I have the mushroom on you for the Sync3 GPS). If a good soul, would you like to help me ?

For the programming part, I have everything I need: PC, forscan, obdlink e.g. For the tc code, especially the gsm part in France, I have a 2023 Ford Kuga from which to copy/duplicate the parameters for the Mustang.

I found the location provided for the tcu and the gsm antenna. I am only missing the part of the electrical diagram, for the connection to the BCM. Does anyone have plans for this connection? A confirmation for the tcu, there are two sockets (pin), do we only use one, the one on the left, for power and data?

Here is the location info. Wiring is the same BUT in the EU they use a more involved system than the US. Here the system depends on our Cell phones. It the EU it is all self contained in the TCU so there is much more wiring involved. Wiring for the most part is the same in all years except for the Canbus. Halfway through the K series TCU’s they switched from the ICAN/HS3 to the HS4 network. What part are you missing for the BCM wiring?

Thank you very much for your feedback and this information. I had noticed this difference between the IS and UE TCUs, I found a TCU of a European 2019 Mustang. On the BCM, I’m missing the exact location for the TCU, or does the bus connect to the BCM? Are there harnesses, cable already ready or do I have to make it myself, for the TCU - BCM link?

There is a chance you might have a plug for the TCU back there already since these came with one. I am honestly surprised you don’t already have a TCU. The US ones had one on all mustangs in 19 and best I can tell so did the EU version. The small print on the EU brochure is that it cost extra and is connected at time of delivery.

If not it needs a few things but the communication on a 19 Mustang is through the HS3 bus to the TCU to the GWM.

The power for the TCU comes from F10 on the BCM. Here is the Network connection. Of course the info I have is the US version.

Thanks again for your feedback. My mustang comes from the USA, it leaves the Flat Rock factory, but made for France, rules and standards are even stricter than in the rest of the EU. In 2019, at Ford, the Ford France models, did not all have the Ford Pass Connect, only the Mustang Mach E. It has only been since 2022 that this has started to spread across all models, and especially now with the deployment of Sync4. Having gone on a business trip (with my kuga), I am only returning home, in mid-March, I will take a closer look at my mustang, with all the information I have now, to see what it is and what I have to do to set up the TCU.

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Let us know. So I would guess it has a US TCU in it than. You may have to do a bit of wiring to bring it to the EU TCU standard for it to fully work and an EU TCU. Different carrier for it over there.

NA TCU will not work in France, you will need an EU unit. Cellular frequencies are different as well as firmware and feature sets. A US asbuilt will not really work for EU.

Ok, thank you for this confirmation. I had actually heard that the TCU and the GSM antenna module were different between you and us: standard, program and frequency. Please note that all of our EU or FR Mustangs (like mine) come exclusively from Flat Rock, via a specific assembly line, for us. So it does not follow the same route as your mustangs in the USA and would have the elements provided for our territory and rules. These elements can be found second-hand here in Europe, more difficult than at home, but they can be found with a little patience and a higher price. We can’t have everything, it’s already a pleasure to have a little of your heritage and culture on our roads.

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