Adding 4 front sensors to the 2G Fusion if your car didn't come with Active Park Assist

This is an addendum for this post on 2gFusions and this process probably works for the 4G Mondeo as well.
Parts needed:

  • Front Bumper Harness DG9Z-15K867-xx
  • At least the 4 sensors that go in the middle, the 2 flank sensors are optional as they aren’t used
  • Bumper with parking sensor holes OR
  • Parking sensor holders and some way to cut holes into your bumper

All of the above, but Front Bumper Harness is HG9Z-15K867-xx


  1. Remove bumper. Plenty of youtube tutorials on this, but as you need to do this, this would be the perfect time to replace your low/high/parking lights, add or replace fog lights, fix bumper rash, add Adaptive Cruise Control, so forth.

  2. Get parts prepared. As my car has a Ruby Red Tricolor paintjob, I couldn’t locate a bumper with the parking sensor holes at any junkyard locally, and shipping isn’t viable since most junkyards don’t seem to ship bumpers. So, I decided to cut the holes out of my bumper. I used a soldering iron to cut a hole that was close enough then used a Dremel to smooth out the sides. The inside of the bumper has guidelines of where you need to place the sensor holders so you won’t be cutting totally blind, but the holes/guides are a bit oversized so test fit often. The holder in the middle holds the sensor directly onto the bumper (like the rear).

  3. Replace existing bumper harness, place the sensors, and test fit the bumper and plug in the front bumper harness. The new harness should have the exact same plugs as your old one, just with the addition of the 6 extra plugs for the parking sensors.

  4. Enable sensors
    PAM As Built: 736-02-01 x*xx xxxx 4 to 8
    PAM As Built 736-01-01 x*xx-xxxx 4 to 8
    IPC as built: 720-02-02 *xxx-xxxx 1 to 3

  5. Make sure everything works. There should be no DTCs from your PAM and you should hear 2 tones, one for your front and one for your rear, and if you have a 2017+ you should see the PDC HMI (the car on the top right when backing up) showing the front sensor readout.


  • I think this should be doable for all trims of Fusion because as far as I can tell there are only 2 types of harnesses that the front bumper plugs into, one with ACC and one without, so the wiring for the parking sensors should already be there.
  • Unlike what the post on 2gFusions says, it’s not possible to flash the Auto Park Assist(APA) firmware onto a PAM/BCM that is not an APA BCM; if you read further onto the thread people tried and failed and I personally tried myself as well. If you really want APA, while the Fusion’s BCM isn’t too hard to access and remove and forscan can init one, you’ll have to get a locksmith to make a house call (as your car won’t drive) or you’ll have to use a scan tool with key programming functionality (which can be flaky) because the BCM is where your keys get programmed in.
  • The non APA PAM seems to only be able address 8 channels of sensors so you can only get the nose sensors on the front and not the flank sensors.
  • I haven’t been able to get the PDC HMI to display on my 2016 with Sync 3 and I saw in the 2gFusions thread that someone was unable to do the same for Sync 2. I’ll be messing more with the as builts to see if I can get it to work and will update this if I find out the magic combo.
  • You can’t flash the firmware from a 2017-2018 non APA PAM to a 2016 and below non APA PAM, I tried :frowning:
  • Even though there’s a parts number molded into the parking sensor holders, I couldn’t order them via any publicly accessible channels. Your best bet of finding the ones for the Fusion/Mondeo are to search Ebay, where I’ve seen everything from some random dude in Lithuania selling new ones to an entire front parking harness + sensors + holders. The holders seem to be the same for 2012-2020. You can also put in the holders for the F150 but I find that a bit ugly!

Thanks to @F150Chief @Louage and of course DanMc85 from the 2GFusions forum for the initial post!

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