Adding electronic dual climate control?

I’ve tried researching this subject and haven’t found a definitive answer yet.
I have 2019 f150 XLT with manual climate control. I noticed eBay motors have entire bezel with dual climate controls out of wrecked vehicles. I hate the manual climate controls and want to add the dual controller but is it even possible. I have sync 3.4 and have been making small changes with FORScan.
Can anyone tell me a straight answer?

Here it is:
Yes, this is possible and is quite straight forward. All you have to do is swap yours over with the new one and enable it in FORScan. It will involve changing several settings in the replacement FCIM (bezel) and APIM.

There are a few things to note.

  1. Dual zone will not work. Same temp on both passenger and driver’s side. This is because the XLT has only one blend door control.
  2. Cooled seats will not work. Requires a new heated/cooled seat module. (You don’t have these on an XLT anyways…)
  3. Setting a temp works and will adjust the fan speed for the desired temp.
  4. Heated seats will not work as there is a variance in the 2 different FCIM’s. The only way to enable heated seats on a factory equipped vehicle is to buy the heated/cooled seat module from a Lariat or higher, install the module and reflash with FORScan.
  5. If you do not enable the climate menu in FORScan, the blower will not work at all. These values will need to be adjusted.
    7D0-01-01 xxxx-xxxX-xxxx
    7D0-01-02 xxxx-xXxx-xxxx
    7D0-04-01 xxxx-xxxX-xxxx

I do not have the part numbers for the 2019 models, but the 2018 models should be similar.
JL3T-18E243-CBE Base
JL3T-18E245-BDE Loaded 3TB LT&PT
JL3T-18E245-ADE Loaded KR
JL3T-18E243-UCG Loaded 3TB RAP
JL3T-18E245-BDG Loaded 3TB SY
JL3T-18E243-FDE HS/HRW 3TB-snow plow XLT

I’m just guessing but based on the info above and looking at the 2019 FCIM models, the one you need is the KL3T-18E245-BDF model.

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