Adding Front Camera (16 Ford Expedition)

I have a 2016 Ford Expedition EL.
Specs: Sync 3 v3.4, CGEA 1.2, no GWM, DLC (HS1, I-CAN, MS-CAN)

Looking for some help/ brainstorming. I’m attempting something that I’m assuming hasn’t been done before. I want to add a front camera using the camera module from a 2014 F150 Raptor.
P/N: CL3V-19H423-AA or CL3Z-19H405-A

While reading/researching, I found that the 12-14 Raptor doesn’t require any direct LIN or Canbus input but requires involvement from the IPC and BCM (acting as Gateway) in order for the the Camera Module to function properly. I was wondering if there’s a way to successfully retrofit this module into my Expedition ?

P.S: I do have access to all sorts of diagrams and workshop manual

@bill32399 has some expertise with Expeditions, likely he can help.


You know I have never looked at the CGEA 1.2 networks on an Expedition. I know the BCM is where they are wired in many models. I will have to look at the wire diagrams as it should work just fine with Forscan changes. Doubt you would have to buy anything if you have a Limited IPC.

I just tried to wire the 14 F150 “IPMB” (in quotation because it has no Canbus, nor Linbus input).

I wired the module up as seen on the F150 Diagram, then changed the APIM asbuilt to enable Front Camera 7D0-01-02 xxxx-xx1x-xxxx … When I shifted the vehicle into Reverse I got the front cam image instead of the rear; when I shifted in Drive, I got nothing at all.

The front camera shows it is connected to LIN 3. You would need this and also need to do a LIN bus calibration. Guessing you did?

I am not sure how that setup works. I’ll have to go check Oasis and see what it says.

Sounds like you need to use FORScan to do the LIN3 calibration in the BCM to tell the BCM there is a device there and make the change in the BCM asbuilt for the camera function. Keep in mind these are 'park aid cameras" so they will not function above 6 mph in any gear. I don’t think the front camera will come on automatically while parking, as that would require the front parking sensor array. The rear camera should engage automatically in reverse below 6 mph.

That’s a camera switching module. Folks call it an IPMB, but it’s functionally just a hard switch, not a multiplexer.

Correct !!! … here’s the description and function of the front video camera for the 2014 Raptor I was able to pull from PTS.

I would’ve gone for the 2017 Edge/Explorer IPMB because it has an input for a hard button (switch) to trigger the front CAM, unfortunately that IPMB uses HS2-CAN, which the the 15-17 Expedition doesn’t carry. There’s no GWM either, just the DLC. So the only C1MCA/CGEA 1.2 vehicle with a front parking aid camera I could find is the 12-14 Raptor.

That being said, … I’ll try to hook it up again and run the LIN calibration this time and see if it yields different results.

Thanks again

Most the modules on a CGEA 1.3 network will not work on a CGEA 1.2 network “Most”.

I swear I saw a (OEM) front camera on a 2013 Explorer in a wrecking yard one time.

Correct, and that’s why I opted for the 12-14 Raptor’s “Camera Switching Module” … since both vehicles are C1MCA/CGEA 1.2

I will be following since I want to do the same on my 15 Explorer.

I gave it another shot. Had the Camera Switching Module hooked up as per OEM diagrams. Ran a LIN Calibration with Forscan and got nothing. I ran it twice while sitting in the driveway, got nothing. the 3rd time, I ran it and went for a drive thinking that maybe it needed to be driven for it to register … no luck.

I’m suspecting my lingering DTCs are probably the cause for the LIN calibration being unable to detect to camera switching module. I retrofitted a 2018 Explorer heated steering wheel in my Expedition and since the mod I’ve had a DTC about incompatible switch packs but oddly enough all my switches work.

Just wanted to give y’all an update.

Changing the settings for the switch packs in the SCCM will probably fix that.

Odd on the camera. Assuming you checked the settings on all 3 modules listed in Oasis? Well the 2 that matter anyways.

The asbuilt on the APIM (7DO-01-02: xxxx-xx1x-xxxx) is the only one I can change really.

I don’t think there’s a setting for the IPC or the BCM I can touch for front camera in the 2016 Expedition. At least, none that I’m aware of unless there’s something I’m completely overlooking ?

There may not be one to change. I looked at the database I did not see it as an option. I swear I have seen it though in the easy mode on Forscan. It may just list the BCM because that where the LIN bus originates and forwards the data to the Canbus.