Adding Front Mid Range to 2016 Kuga

hi F 150, I realized that on my kuga “December 2016”, the “Front Mid Range” is missing if you want to insert it, you need to change on the “DSP database” and insert the right value?
If so, where should the aforementioned be wired.
or is it all useless because my APIM doesn’t support it?
Thank you very much for your immense availability
P.S. I attach database photos of any change

Are you adding speakers or just modifying the DSP unit? I don’t really understand the question…

hi F150, let me explain I just want to add the speaker on the dashboard, which I realized is missing.
I am attaching photos to be clear.
a thousand thanks

I moved the discussion to it’s own thread…

What trim level is the Kuga?
Does your 2016 Kuga have the Sony audio DSP?
Or is it the standard system?

The picture shows the back of the ACM (Audio Control Module).

There is a lot of info on Kuga audio systems at Ford Kuga Owners Club Forums

hello f150, mine is a kuga 1.5 ecoboost, 120 hp.
standard system, and I just wanted to add center speaker.

It looks like the center speaker wiring is already present. Look at this pic, at the connector circled. The center channel speaker wires are on pins 8 and 20, which is the green and the grey/yellow wires in the middle of the connector. If you open the speaker cover on the top of the dash you should find the other end with a connector. Just purchase a speaker for the 2016 Kuga to fit the center channel.

Thanks ile for the information, you are a well of science

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