Android Auto: Expected phone's battery "drain"/usage

Hello guys.

I’ve purchased a Motorola MA-1, which is Wireless Android Auto adapter/dongle.
It works awesome, super easy setup, no perceptible lag (in reference to wired Android Auto), super fast startup… I’m super happy with the purchase…

But I would like to ask any user that may have experience with Wireless Android Auto (with this or other adapter, or with native Wireless Android Auto) what’s the expected battery “usage/drain” we can expect.

I’ve started measuring this value, and what I get is my phone goes down about 8% an hour, and my phone has a 5000 mAh battery.

Is that normal for Wireless Android Auto?.
To me it does not look bad since I know the phone “goes crazy” with the WiFi connection, plus all the apps an network traffic that using Google Maps or Waze generate.


Probably about right from my rough calculations

For long journeys i would recommend just plugging in, wireless AA is good for a 10 minute trip down the road though :wink:

That is about what my iPhone 8 does just using Google or Apple maps (on the phone, not CP), maybe slightly less. I think the network power consumption would not really add a lot of power consumption since it is a low power mode connection (scaling the power due to proximity and network traffic). This is common on mobile devices for some time. That big new processor and screen will be the main power hungry items.

Wireless charging pads. The one in our Nautilus works well.

Thank you both, so it’s expected.
Of course I didn’t think it would be free, but I was not sure if about 500 mAh per hour was correct or not.

My drivers are usually less than an hour long, and “loosing” 15% of battery life is acceptable if I compare it to the comfort of not having to deal with cables (plus not stressing the charging port of my phone).

I’m using the USB port under the armrest, so it’s well hidden.
I’ve also found a way for Sync3 to not show Android Auto upon connection, but I think the connection will use power either way.

Just to leave a little closure for this thread… I’ve been using the adapter a bit this past week, and this is what I have:

  • Average battery usage with Maps and Music Playback, 8% per hour (400 mAh)
  • Average battery usage without using Android Auto (but linked and AA running in the bacground), 4% per hour (200 mAh)

I’ve been searching a bit on the internet, and this seems to be totally in range even for native units that support wireless android auto.

Great addition to my car.