Android auto navigation on the dash screen

I have successfully upgraded my Sync 3.0 to 3.4.20021 in my 2018 Mustang GT with navigation and everything works great so far. I did notice something about how navigation looks in my electronic dash and would like to know if others have experienced the same thing and also if updating the firmware will help this issue.

I am using a Pixel 4 XL with all the latest updates.

When I use the Sync navigation I see the street name and next turn advice on my screen and to the right of it I see how many kilometres left to destination and how much time is left to destination. Android Auto shows the same thing but the distance and time to destination just show a dash ( - ) instead of any information.

I am wondering if others are seeing the same thing and if possibly you upgraded your APIM firmware did it resolve the problem or not or if it’s just a current limitation of Android Auto.


I don’t have a mustang GT so can’t comment, maybe someone with the same car can.

This is the same outcome with the 2016 Mondeo (Fusion), I believe it is a limitation of the android/ford software; but if some one could advise otherwise.

Same with a South African Everest.

Hello Sir, I’m using it with a 2018 F-150 , i’m trying to use Waze on the cluster, it did work one time but it just shows me the next turn i have to do, and it’s not very accuracy :frowning:

Must be that either Android doesn’t pass along the information or SYNC doesn’t try to fetch it from the phone yet.

Thanks for the updates everyone

Well, I have the same issue, it shows street name and direction. But distance in KM is x256 times extra, i.e. 1KM is 256KM and when distance is less than 1KM, i.e. in Meters, its showing random 5 digit Meter distance.

I have only seen that metric in one vehicle out of a few. I think it has more to do wit AA version and the type of cable used. Could be wrong!

I’m running Android 11 on my phone now and the display remains the same :frowning:

I found and fixed it.
Here is the thread link