APIM config CGEA strategy Ford Focus 3 2017

Hello everyone! Help me figure out the settings:
CGEA version - 1.2 or 1.3
ECALL strategy - CGEA 1.2 or CGEA 1.3 - C1MCA
PDA Archit. - CGEA 1.3 or C1MCA
CGEA Illumination - CGEA 1.3+ or Non-CGEA 1.3+

What parameters are suitable for my car?

Based on a 2017 Ford Focus C346N (NA version), the following settings will work properly for your vehicle. Wiki has a very good page on the FF3: Ford Focus (third generation) - Wikipedia

2017 Ford Focus Titanium (Donor)

7D0-01-01 	AB28 	6503 	0014 
7D0-01-02 	028A 	1700 	0A87 
7D0-02-01 	5553 	0106 	40C9 
7D0-02-02 	8200 	0000 	005D 
7D0-02-03 	0005 	E1 	 
7D0-03-01 	0002 	0100 	00DE 
7D0-04-01 	0100 	1301 	02F3 
7D0-04-02 	0001 	DE 	 
7D0-05-01 	17E8 	1798 	28B3 
7D0-05-02 	BE9C 	 	 
7D0-06-01 	805E 	 	 
7D0-07-01 	1004 	3300 	0026 
7D0-07-02 	0000 	1356 	0049 
7D0-07-03 	0004 	3067 	007C 
7D0-07-04 	7254 

CGEA Version - 1.2 or 1.3
7D0-01-02 xxxx xxxx Xxxx
0=CGEA Ver. 1.2/C1MCA, Heated Windshield Disabled, Rear Climate Manual w/o Air Flow Mode

ECALL Strategy - CGEA 1.2 or CGEA 1.3 - C1MCA
7D0-01-02 xxxX xxxx xxxx
A=ECALL EU Strategy (CGEA 1.3 or C1MCA), Miles/Feet, AL Available, DKM Not Available

PDC Architecture - CGEA 1.3 or C1MCA
7D0-02-02 xxxx Xxxx xxxx
0=DS Off, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Not Present

CGEA Illumination - CGEA 1.3+ or Non-CGEA 1.3+
7D0-02-02 xxxx xxxx Xxxx
0=LW/DAB Enabled, ENH Memory Disabled, Non-CGEA 1.3+ Illumination, Step
7D0-06-01 xXxx
0=PAK Not Present, TBA Not Available, IGS CGEA 1.3

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Can I find this information on the Wiki?

No, not on Wiki. If you are looking for asbuilt settings the As-Built Database - CyanLabs would be a good place…

I looked in this section, but there I have even more questions. For example, the Clock master item: it is indicated that Apim for NA Market CGEA 1.2, which corresponds to my car. And according to TSB, I should have BCM.

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If your clock works now, it is correct.

And somewhere you can find more detailed information on all these settings? I’d like to figure out how it all works.

Search results for ‘clock master’ - CyanLabs Official Community

Can you please tell me, can you find out how APIM works, via CAN or LIN, without disassembling the panel? And what is EFP Branded?

In a nutshell, the APIM has both CAN (HS-CAN, MS-CAN varieties) and LIN. These are communications networks in the vehicle for the modules. CAN-BUS communications in these vehicles is high speed (500Kbs) networking for the module communications. LIN is dedicated isolated network for specialized (or just isolated) functions, like rear camera control from the APIM, or door locks to the door modules.

EFP is Electronic Finish Panel. EFP Branding is just a setting for manufacturer branding if the panel supports it, with a screen or something of that nature.

So I know where you are going with this…and the answer is that most EFP devices are on CAN-BUS (FORD). However, some EFP’s utilize LIN because of the nature of the control surface, like volume controls, etc. In your 2018 Focus, the EFP below the Sync system (FCIM) is CAN. In a Transit van, the EFP is part of the screen display and is LIN based.

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If I have Sync3 with Sony music, SEL package, then I should have branded mini EFP in the settings, right?

Which APIM asbuilt line are you referring to?

#214 - ICP = 08 branded IPC/ Mini EFP

DE01/7D0-02-02 ####-##X#-####
C=Autostore Disabled, EH: MPP + Stub+Exp, ICP (EFP) Type: EFP, ICP(EFP) Brand: Non-Branded


The only difference between 8 and C is the Electronic Horizon Mode. The mini EFP is just a nomenclature choice. The setting for the example above is 0, which is consistent for all the Focus vehicles I looked at before. If you use 8, you are turning off Autostore which enables Mixed Mode Presets. I do not think Mixed Mode Presets works with your 2018 ACM. Can you save AM/FM SiriusXM presets on the same page?

I am using android program FFConfig 3

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Then use ‘0’.

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Do you happen to have the entire configuration of the Ford Focus 3 restyling?

Would that not be the Titanium asbuilt I posted above. The Sync descriptions in the Asbuilt Database apply to all Sync 3.

I meant all configuration