Apim part number

Does anybody know if JK2T-14G371-ACC is a nav or non nav unit please ?

Happened to be on the forum as you posted this,

It’s EU non nav 16GB

Thanks . Is there a list of part numbers I can look for . Does an earlier sync unit out of a 2017 ford focus work?

Sorry meant to say will a 2017 focus apim work in a 2019 transit ?

most APIMS are compatible but it’s best to go for the same generation as they can have weird incompatibilities that in most cases can be fixed by tweaking asbuilt but not always the newer APIM’s also have slightly faster processors.

We have a database but it’s quite inaccurate currently Ford Hardware Database – CyanLabs

Thanks . No harm in trying as have a few spare .

Could try just swaping the memory board to be honest

Tried loading this unit with just the u.k. maps like i did in mine and gets soo close to the end on loading voice package and errors due to no space left.

should be able to load the uk maps with less voice packages no issue

I’m not sure what to remove from the files to make it fit . Could you please tell me what I could remove?

Thanks again

not off hand , it’s been mentioned in this forum before.

There is only one voice files on there. 4UST-14G424-BAE so I cannot see any others to remove.

there are 4 navigation voice packages, only 1 is needed, #A#

I’ll have another look but I could only see the 1 file as I was only downloading the u.k. map version

Do you think an apim will work off a 2019 focus?

I’m not going to reply to each question for will X APIM work, like i said

Don’t really understand what you mean by this, there are over 10 files for the full UK package, 4 Voice Nav + the various map packages, then if you do a full upgrade you also have APPS, LOGOS, GRACENOTES, VOICE etc.

Sorry didn’t mean to be awkward.

I will redownload the package and have a look again more closely.

Thank you for the replies so far

Which package are we on about here?

I’ll have a look later as flattened my laptop looking at it yesterday. Must have used some of my mates fuel keeping warm in the van .lol